Bank loans underwriting process outsourcing

With years of experience and regularly upgrading ourselves on the ever evolving banking sector processes and policies, we have evolved as a trusted service provider to various leading banks in India for their complete process outsourcing.

Our teams are specialized in assisting :

  • Hassle free documentation collection & processing
  • Complete Scrutiny of underwriting documents – KYC, Financial or any other relevant documents
  • Conducting screening & sampling for loan proposals
  • Loan application files are carefully examined along with requisite supporting documents
  • Verification of the sampled documents such as income documents, repayment tracks procured by bank for further loan process, securing the Bank's goodwill.
  • Preparation & delivery of Reports, in lieu with the format mentioned by the Bank, on the findings containing detailed remarks with final status for all application.
  • Regular submission of MIS regards to the activities carried out.
  • Real Time Support through dedicated Email Ids.

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